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Re: Heads up: no standalone diagnostics for latest WD drives

On Sat, 7 Aug 2010 15:06:25 +0200, rm@keyweb.de said:

> Why tying to use this tools?

Because it is (used to be) a simple, go/nogo test of a drive's fitness.

It was approved and written by the manuafacturer.

It tests in a known, controlled environment.

> Smartmontools and a badblocks test is good
> for every type of diagnostics

It was because of issues testing with bb that we wanted to run the
manufacturer's diagnostics.

> Ok not nice to hear about that fact, that WD did not support
> any other OS, but I my opinion thats nothing to concern about.

You're missing the point entirely. I'm not asking them to support Linux
(or Windows, MSDOS, VMS, RT11 or OS/8). I'm asking them to continue to
produce a standalone, bootable ISO that will test their drives, just like
the support page for the drive in question claims that they do.

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