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Re: AW: AW: AW: Heads up: no standalone diagnostics for latest WD drives

On 8/7/10 10:47 AM, Robert Menger wrote:
> ok, maybe here in Germany the ISPs for customer DSL and so are not "typical", but from every ISP I know here, who delivers customer access as his core business, has one or more datacenters with "some" servers inside. minimum a servercount with 4 digits. But every of them provides hosting features too, I do not know any ISP, who didnt have any type of hosting. But I will be proud if you could provide me some examples, where my assumption is totally incorrect (means a provider with only a handful own servers).

One such ISP here in the US would be American Fiber Systems. They
provide dark fiber, SONET, Ethernet, and managed wavelengths to several
cities across the country, but no web/email hosting.


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