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Re: Graphical software to control networks

Am 2004-04-15 16:50:41, schrieb Volker Tanger:
>On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:45:37 +0200 Michelle Konzack
><linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
>> >> I like to have OpenView under Linux ;-)
>> Maybe it has its price, but it the right thing to control several 
>	- how many systems

Do not know actualy... Maybe

1)  3 x BGP-4 Router
2)  minimum 15 RadioBriges of 155 MBit to 1 GBit
3)  unknown number Repeaters
4)  many managed Switches

>	- how deep (from just PING to complete SNMP and more)

Because the network is a redunant Backbone Network, I think 
PING is not enough. Need control of all important functions. 

>	- how often

Realy often for security reason.

>The higher any value, the more load on network and NWM system
>ressources, so beware...

I know and curently I am making some test with my NETBuilder II 
and two ATM Repeaters and my Workstations/Servers. 

>Have a look at Nagios. Really. We use(d) it very successfully within our
>managed service group. The grouping feature helps A LOT. For mission
>criticals the two-stage alerting is nice, too. 

I have seen there is 'postgresql' support ;-)
I think, I will install it. 
But does it support snmp ?

>Web-based it is usable from "anywhere" (client independent). You even
>can create a "status wall" with a rack/shelf and serveral PCs/monitors,
>each one showing a different group status page - add one or two beamers
>für Houston feeling...


>> But if you have 10 or more Radio-Bridges in Line it is realy hard 
>> to imagine where the Error is. With a graphical tool and a landmap 
>> as Background you see immediatly where the Problem it is. 
>Depending on grouping you can see "onf of the Radio-Bridges RED" or:
>"something in Alaska YELLOW". A map often is waaay to small for a "real
>world" environment to see anything. 

Thats right, but I need only Marocco, with a 
little bit Algeria, Mauretania and then Spain.

I have coded a smal tool with a Landmap of this. 
I case of an error, my Application open a new 
"Error" Window which is zoomed into the "Error-Zone"

>But a (zoomable) map is a standard "can do" in


>> I can set a Landmap as background and set my Controlpoints (Routers, 
>> RadioBridges, Repeaters, DSU's,...) on it. The rest is controlled 
>> via SMTP...
>I guess you thought of SNMP here...

There is nothing which works not with snmp, exept some of my HUB's 
which need an seperatly snmp-Module. Same for my UPS-Systems. 

I think, they must controlled too.

>> But curently I have no real concept HOW TO MAKE SUCH GUI, a realy 
>> intuitiv graphical user interface. 
>> We need to code our own stuff and make it better.
>Have a look at Nagios (http://www.nagios.org/) and Cheops
>(http://www.marko.net/cheops/) before starting at ZERO again. 

This is why I ask in this List. Most of you are longer in this 
business then me and I am using Linux (Debian) since 03/1999 
(it was SLINK r2).

>BigSister (http://bigsister.graeff.com/home.html) and BigBrother are
>probably a leage below your requirements as they do not offer (IIRC)
>a grouping that's compact enough.

I will check it out.

>Checks should be highly configurable (ping one router, read nearly all
>SNMP from the next), should support grouping in configuration (i.e. done
>once for all 7205's, once for all Sun E450s etc.) and display. Nagios is
>nice here - again.

I think, I need to install it. but on a seperated Workstation 
of which I have enough ;-)

Question:	If I install nagios-pgsql, does 'nagios' 
		configure my postgresql alone ?

>Have a DEEP look and some hands-on tests with Nagios before rolling your
>own. I've not tested Cheops, but it looks a bit like what you have in
>mind, too.

I think, I need to try out all two.

>Volker Tanger
>ITK Security


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