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Re: Graphical software to control networks

Am 2004-04-15 11:26:23, schrieb Andrew Miehs:
>> I like to have OpenView under Linux ;-)
>Why? What functionality do you need in OpenView that you don't have in
>other freeware products. Openview is only expensive... and IF you can
>affore openview, you can definitely afford a cheap Sun box to run it on.

Maybe it has its price, but it the right thing to control several 

1)  Backbones from 311, 622 and GBit
2)  3-5 BGP-4 Routers
3)  around 150 RadioRidges
4)  Repeaters
5)  Switches
6)  Servers
7)  other routers
8)  Client-DSU's

>>>MRTG for traffic stats
>>>kmib - NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB Browser
>>>wmnd-snmp - Dockapp monitoring network interfaces
>>>scli - a collection of SNMP command line management tools
>>>orca - Router Monitoring and Graphing System
>Nagios as a frontend for the whole lot...

Never I have used the Tools bevore...

>> Security standard must be very high, because I need to control
>> BGP-4 Routers and the Repeaters. Backbones between the Routers...
>> detecting of broken cables...
>How much controlling of 'BGP' Routers do you want?
>Automated scripts to update filters, OK... but GUI?

If you have to control a Network of the size of Maroc, better you 
use intuitiv Graphical tools and you see immediatly which Backbone, 
RadioBridge or Router does not work.

I have seen software for this in Action at UUnet, and the Graphical 
GUI helps alot ! - Even if I am console freak !!!

>as for dropping lines? Things like nagios, or some form of syslog watcher
>can easily do that...
>You should also be looking at errors on interfaces...

But if you have 10 or more Radio-Bridges in Line it is realy hard 
to imagine where the Error is. With a graphical tool and a landmap 
as Background you see immediatly where the Problem it is. 

>HP Openview gives you a pretty picture of your network.
>BUT its costs a LOT of money, and it is a PAIN to keep updated.

This is why I have tried to make a GUI with Tcl/Tk. 
I can set a Landmap as background and set my Controlpoints (Routers, 
RadioBridges, Repeaters, DSU's,...) on it. The rest is controlled 
via SMTP...

But curently I have no real concept HOW TO MAKE SUCH GUI, a realy 
intuitiv graphical user interface. 

>Spectrum if it still exists was a great product in Enterprise environements,
>BUT for a service provider
>a) SLOW
>b) Unable to deal with different subnet masks on the same interface...

We need to code our own stuff and make it better.

>and BOTH had the bad habit of trying to read the complete routing table
>per default from a router... NOT very good if most of your boxes have a
>full bgp feed....

I know...



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