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Re: Graphical software to control networks

> I like to have OpenView under Linux ;-)

Why? What functionality do you need in OpenView that you don't have in
other freeware products. Openview is only expensive... and IF you can
affore openview, you can definitely afford a cheap Sun box to run it on.

>>MRTG for traffic stats
>>kmib - NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB Browser
>>wmnd-snmp - Dockapp monitoring network interfaces
>>scli - a collection of SNMP command line management tools
>>orca - Router Monitoring and Graphing System

Nagios as a frontend for the whole lot...

> Security standard must be very high, because I need to control
> BGP-4 Routers and the Repeaters. Backbones between the Routers...
> detecting of broken cables...

How much controlling of 'BGP' Routers do you want?
Automated scripts to update filters, OK... but GUI?

as for dropping lines? Things like nagios, or some form of syslog watcher
can easily do that...
You should also be looking at errors on interfaces...

HP Openview gives you a pretty picture of your network.
BUT its costs a LOT of money, and it is a PAIN to keep updated.

Spectrum if it still exists was a great product in Enterprise environements,
BUT for a service provider
b) Unable to deal with different subnet masks on the same interface...

and BOTH had the bad habit of trying to read the complete routing table
per default from a router... NOT very good if most of your boxes have a
full bgp feed....



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