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Re: Graphical software to control networks

Am 2004-04-14 23:34:12, schrieb Andreas John:
>Michelle Konzack wrote:
>>Unfortunatly it works under an unsuported (from me) 32-Bit Operating 
>>system, which I do not use ! 
>Assuming you are talking about Windows and not QNX, Freebsd, openbsd, 
>atheos or other 32 Bit OSes I forgot to mention.

I hate Windows...

>I would say: Try using WINE (1st Choice, could work due to the fact the 

I have tried to get RADview working under WINE, 
but WINE does nor work on my system (WOODY, r2)

>Mgmt tools use pretty standard functions), bochs or (what I prefer at 
>the time) win4lin, which is *proprietry shit* i.e. payware :) .. ahhh 
>and COO maybe work (no experience witrh that)

Is there a tryout Version of win4lin ?

>>Does anyone know a graphical Software under Linux ? Must control all 
>>Routers, Switches and Repeater per SNMP.
>Are you looking for free / open sourced ones?

YES and NO...

>If you go for payware I would recommoend HP's solution as it's a linux 
>friendly company without ever having used it: 

I like to have OpenView under Linux ;-)

>MRTG for traffic stats
>kmib - NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB Browser
>wmnd-snmp - Dockapp monitoring network interfaces
>scli - a collection of SNMP command line management tools
>orca - Router Monitoring and Graphing System
>This is all not what you are looking for.


>I guess there is no ready made freeware solution, but maybe you could 
>make someone develop an open source solution if your projects starts? 

I was beginning to do that already... Using Tcl/Tk.

>There should be a little more there for this?
>[/me wants such a tool too :-)]

I think, if my Project starts, I will look for a Team to develop 
such tool.

I think, we need a too, which can control a Network 24/7 and with 
qualification for a Network Control Center

Security standard must be very high, because I need to control 
BGP-4 Routers and the Repeaters. Backbones between the Routers... 
detecting of broken cables...

Exactly a tool, which can control a national internet network. 
...and I am sure, that I can not develop this alone.

>Beste Gruesse,


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