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Re: Graphical software to control networks

> Am 2004-04-15 11:26:23, schrieb Andrew Miehs:
>>> I like to have OpenView under Linux ;-)
> Maybe it has its price, but it the right thing to control several
> 1)  Backbones from 311, 622 and GBit
> 2)  3-5 BGP-4 Routers
> 3)  around 150 RadioRidges
> 4)  Repeaters
> 5)  Switches
> 6)  Servers
> 7)  other routers
> 8)  Client-DSU's

You then also need a whole lot of addition modules for openview to control
each brand of device. These things cost more money. HP Openview doesn't
really control them, it provides an GUI to access them... I can't imagine
clicking around to admin my network....
>>How much controlling of 'BGP' Routers do you want?
>>Automated scripts to update filters, OK... but GUI?
> If you have to control a Network of the size of Maroc, better you  use
> intuitiv Graphical tools and you see immediatly which Backbone,
> RadioBridge or Router does not work.

I used to control a network a little larger than 'Maroc'. Germany, Italy,
Switzerland and Austria... We did use HP Openview, and it didn't give us
any more information than the opensource tools that we used. And as I
said, if you can afford Openview + Modules (from 3com, cisco, etc) then
you can definitely afford the Sun Servers that you would use for this.
> I have seen software for this in Action at UUnet, and the Graphical
> GUI helps alot ! - Even if I am console freak !!!

You will find that you are better off modifying an opensource tool to
integrate with your customer database, than trying to work with the super
complicated, slow HP openview.
> But if you have 10 or more Radio-Bridges in Line it is realy hard  to
> imagine where the Error is. With a graphical tool and a landmap  as
> Background you see immediatly where the Problem it is.

If you want this look at nagios.

>>HP Openview gives you a pretty picture of your network.
>>BUT its costs a LOT of money, and it is a PAIN to keep updated.
> This is why I have tried to make a GUI with Tcl/Tk.
> I can set a Landmap as background and set my Controlpoints (Routers,
> RadioBridges, Repeaters, DSU's,...) on it. The rest is controlled  via
> SMTP...

SMTP? or do you mean SNMP?

Unless you have the money lying around, and it doesn't bother you to spend
60k Euro on Network management software - go for it.
I just personanlly don't see the 'added value'

As for your lines... you have 10 Radio bridges... thats how many lines?
you could write a pretty simple HTML front end for this.


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