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Re: Kernel bug, or x-file?

Are there more than only one network interfaces that are connected to the same 
switch/hub/router-with-multiple-ports? If so then it's an old known problem.

If you have this kind of setup then try set the "arp-filter" on.
for example: echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/arp_filter

if this doesn't help pease give more details.

how does your routing-table looks like?
what says: ifconfig
and what entries are in your: arp table


Am Freitag 26 März 2004 17:19 schrieb Rcca@laurel.hu:
> Hi there!
> I have found a very strange error. I have a linux box (kernel 2.4.18) to
> route three nets. It connects 3 networks via ethernet interfaces.
>                 Network A (INTERNET)
> Net B(single LAN) -----Router-----Net C (Huge routed WAN)
> The router has NO DENY Packet filter rule, or Policy, but ip_forward is
> enabled.
> The traffic from B <-> A is OK.
> The C <-> A link is enabled, but unused. (route were not defined)
> The hosts in Net B can access resources in the Net C (via ip services)
> When a host tries to connect from C to B, I got a strange failure:
> The routers NetC interface receives the IP packet with its MAC address (as
> destination), and the destinations IP address.
> After this the packet is not viewable on any interface (nor on Interface B,
> C, A). The packet has disappeared without any track.
> Tcpdump, ethereal sees the incoming packet, but the packet filters (INPUT,
> FORWARD) counters don't.
> What is it?
> Rob

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