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Re: Graphical software to control networks

Am 2004-04-15 12:51:26, schrieb Boris Pavlov:
>Andrew Miehs wrote:

>BUT: the pretty picture is often needed. sometimes, customers trust OV
>and don't trust free/open source things. and the customer pays. but, you

Commercial-Ware nees nice GUI... which sells better !

>should consider do you need such investment carefully, the term
>"nation-wide" may hide behind something easier to maintain that a
>mid-sized corporate network. OV is not cheap, there is lots of things to
>learn if you want to use it well. BUT: i think that in some situations
>it pays back well - but choose carefully. that's why the tryout/demos are;)

OpenView exist as Demo ?

I will download it immediatly !!!
Even If I use it for my own idea to code one for Linux ;-)

>boris pavlov
>PS anyway, if someone have the time (and reasonable network) to try out
>OV on linux, it is good to put back some info about that. Let's not try
>to start flames about that;)

Right, I have a NETBuilder II (8 Slot) some NETBuilder Remote Office 
221, Switches, Hubs amd Routers with snmp... Curently I am waiting of a 
pair of E1 DSU's

I like to test it...


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