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Re: Graphical software to control networks

Am 2004-04-15 11:39:06, schrieb Boris Pavlov:
>hi michelle;
>there is something for linux at the openview site, these below seem to 
>be linux downloads. you must fill two forms who you are what you are et 

??? - I will try it out...

>cetera, to get there try first searching for linux (starting from the 
>link mentioned 1-2 letters ago) and then click on tryout/demo links).
>btw, does anybody tried this?
>»	nnm 7.01 download for the Linux Red Hat AS 2.1 operating system
>»	nnm 7.01 installation guide for the Linux Red Hat AS 2.1 operating 
>system (pdf)*
>»	nnm 7.01 download and installation instructions for the Linux Red 
>Hat AS 2.1 operating system (pdf)*
>PS highly interested, if you started to develop such thing.;)

You are not alone... ;-)
But curently I have no concept...


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