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SOP for debian isp/corporate server...


As many of you must have experienced, there are usual SOPs for setting up
non-bloated, secure bare-bones Servers with respective OSs eg for solaris.

Is there SOP for debian, if not, I guess this list is better poised to
produce one. Any links, pointers... I have googled, but didn't find any old

What applies for isp-servers also applies for corporate servers which are
24/7 connected to net for things like mail etc, which need to take similar
precautions. One of the reasons I have found, one company took a policy
decision to not deploy to linux servers some time back, is becuse these
rapidly moving distros like RH with insecure preinstalled bloat, was causing
major maintainance & security hasle. Now that RH is out of picture, and
debian just the kind of thing made for such a configuration, SOP will help.


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