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Re: SOP for debian isp/corporate server...

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 09:25 am, prasad wrote:
> hi,
> As many of you must have experienced, there are usual SOPs for setting
> up non-bloated, secure bare-bones Servers with respective OSs eg for
> solaris.
> Is there SOP for debian, if not, I guess this list is better poised to
> produce one. Any links, pointers... I have googled, but didn't find any
> old message,
> What applies for isp-servers also applies for corporate servers which
> are 24/7 connected to net for things like mail etc, which need to take
> similar precautions. One of the reasons I have found, one company took
> a policy decision to not deploy to linux servers some time back, is
> becuse these rapidly moving distros like RH with insecure preinstalled
> bloat, was causing major maintainance & security hasle. Now that RH is
> out of picture, and debian just the kind of thing made for such a
> configuration, SOP will help.
> regards,
> prasad

I have one in my head... Debian is extraordinarily easy to keep clean in 
that when you build it you can select virtually no packages and then add 
only those that you need for the particular server you're setting up.  
Apt/Dpkg takes care of dependencies and you're off and running in no 
time.  (Hardly worth writing an SOP for -- it's that easy.  Just don't 
select any packages from tasksel or from dselect during installation.  
Then add only what you need.)

Nate Duehr, nduehr@infonow.com

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