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Re: Re: Re: ISP / Autorization Required 4 internet connection...


> I use MS-ISA Server, but I don't know what is the NTLM 
> authentication scheme...

Microsoft insisted on inventin their own HTTP protocol, including an
authentication method where the client (browser) authenticates with
WinNT-Domain credentials against the web server (IIS/ISA) without user
interaction, breaking completely with standards and compatible only
within pure Microsoft installations (up to now - the new Mozilla is said
to support it maybe). They call it feature, I call it bug.

You'll have to configure your ISA (basically the renamed MS-Proxy, which
basically is an IIS plugin) to accept NTLM *and* basic authentication
methods - or not to authenticate at all. That option is hidden somewhere
in a submenu, so happy hunting...


Volker Tanger


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