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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 10:52:45AM +1000, Jason Lim wrote:
> > he claims that it's OK for chinese sysadmins to ignore spam
> > complaints because they don't know english and don't understand the
> > complaint.  he does read english and can act as an interpreter for
> > them.  if he really cared about resolving the issue, he'd do
> > something productive about it rather than just whinge to people who
> > have nothing to do with the listing.
> Never did I say "it is okay for chinese sysadmins to ignore spam
> complaints". Please find where I said that. Can't find it? Yeah...
> because I didn't say it.

i quote from Message-ID <[🔎] 007f01c24715$9c9cc400$0200a8c0@zentekgateway>

 : Yes... the engineers know english (the ones that configure the Cisco
 : routers and stuff) but the lower level tech support and stuff that have
 : to handle the "day to day" things... their english definately ain't hot.
 : The complaints normally go to them first... and if they don't understand
 : it properly, most time they'll put it in the "read it on 10 years time"
 : folder, or delete it straight out.

these are YOUR words attempting to justify why some asian ISPs ignore
spam complaints.

> What I gave is an explanation why it takes longer for chinese admins
> to take action. 

actually, you were justifying *no action*, not explaining why action
takes longer.

> They got to find an english-language admin to go and process the
> reports. And with so many USA/Western spammers taking advantage of the
> language barrier, the english-language admin(s) have a hard time
> keeping up with it all.

there's also the issue of both US spammers and asian ISPs taking
advantage of currency exchange rates.  they both win - it's cheap for
the US spammer and it's profitable for the asian ISP (especially if only
a small percentage of their users actually care about being able to
communicate with foreigners).

in any case, it really doesn't matter whether they understand english or
not.  if they're an open relay or a spamhaus then they deserve to be
listed.  end of story.  lots of sites both inside and outside of asia
get listed even when they don't understand what's going on or why
they've been listed, cluelessness is rife regardless of any language
barriers.  they either learn to fix their problem or they stay listed.

> > he does read english and can act as an interpreter for them.
> I'm suppose to go around all the Asian ISPs are interpret their spam
> complaints? 

no, just the ones you care about.  your ISP, for instance.  you know
they have a problem, it affects you personally so why don't you try to
help them solve it?  is it, perhaps, because they don't care? or perhaps
because they make a good profit in US dollars from US spammers wanting
to use their mail relay?  or is it just because you prefer whinging to
taking useful action?

if your ISP refuses to do anything about their spam problem, then find
yourself another ISP, same as any other user on any continent who finds
that their ISP is a spamhaus.

> > think about it.  how can an RBL possibly have hidden records?  every
> > record in an RBL is published via DNS, otherwise it doesn't work.
> Easy. If an RBL (for example, ORDB.org) says it only blocks open
> relays, then it secretly goes and blocks all of an ISP... then THAT is
> a hidden record.
> Same goes for Osirusoft... if it says it is a "combined" list of other
> RBLs... then it secretly runs it's own private blacklist in the
> background without listing it out, then that is not good.

osirusoft doesn't claim to be JUST a "combined list of other RBLs".  it
*includes* some other RBLs (such as SPEWS), but it is not limited to
those and has never claimed to be.

osirusoft's policies are documented at http://relays.osirusoft.com/faq.html
and at http://relays.osirusoft.com/

read it and quit whining.

> > i suggest you read the information on the relays.osirusoft.com web
> > site before coming to any conclusion.  it's far more accurate and
> > reliable than the rantings of one delusional paranoid.
> Yes, please tell us ALL the part on the website where it says there is
> a private blacklist being run by Joe Jared on the relays.osirsuft.com
> RBL.  Find it.

i doubt if he would use such colourful and emotive language to describe
his own site.  he, after all, is not suffering from your paranoid
delusions and doesn't have any motive to slander or lie about himself.


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

Fabricati Diem, PVNC.
 -- motto of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch

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