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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> > And you wonder why Chinese admins don't respond. What would YOU do if
> > got an email in Yiddish?
> When I get email in Chinese I just report it to SpamCop, if I've ever
> received a Yiddish email I'm sure I did the same.

Eeep... spam or not?

Nei how ma? ;-)

> Everyone who is doing legitimate things on the Net and who wants to
> communicate with me knows that English is the language to use, and only
> spammers do otherwise.

Yes... the engineers know english (the ones that configure the Cisco
routers and stuff) but the lower level tech support and stuff that have to
handle the "day to day" things... their english definately ain't hot. The
complaints normally go to them first... and if they don't understand it
properly, most time they'll put it in the "read it on 10 years time"
folder, or delete it straight out.

> If due to some miscommunication most of Asia was to black-list me I
> be overly concerned.  If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even notice such a
> thing.

Yeah... I know. Thats the thing. Look at the newsgroups... look how many
people from iAdvantage are complaining about Osirusoft blocking (since no
other popular RBL is blocking iAdvantage anymore). Probably me and about 3
other english speaking people.

You are right... i'd say 90% of iAdvantage customers probably don't
communicate with the "West" that much, so they probably don't even notice
the block. Heck... I didn't either until I tried emailing you, and got the
ol' "blocked by Osirusoft" message.

I suppose because I notice these things first I tend to be the "bringer of
bad news" to people and hence get flamed most. Oh well.

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