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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> if you really cared about the issue, you'd be a lot more productive if
> you spent your energies explaining to chinese-speaking sysadmins what
> the spam problem is, why they've been black-listed and what they can do
> to get off the list.  that would be far more effective than whining on
> english-speaking mailing lists and newsgroups.

Now..... this answer is not acceptable i think. Although, well, everyone
is free to speak their mind. 

IF This guy is indeed internally blocking, for personal reasons, a list
that is community supported (in the sense that the community trusts it),
then Lim's accusation is valid and serius i think.

I mean, there should be no "hidden" records of a list like this one,
they should all be open. Otherwise its like a trojan horse to put ppl
out of business.

Now, i dont know whos spamming who, i hate spam as well. I know most of
spam abusers and spam itself comes from Asia, speciffically tw and hk. 

But even in the shady LUG of my Mexican home town, actually last
saturday (anyone else thinks there is a Jungian effect in debian-isp?),
we were discussing ways to stop spammers at the mailing lists, or what
policies should the group enforce to reduce spamming. 

Someone actually suggested blocking all of Asia to which every single
member objected. Cant do that, ONE lost mail directed to us by a lost
mexican newbie living in Hong Kong is reason enough to not block this

So actually, being told that an important, widely accepted tool as osiru
is being secretly controled and changed by one guy is not a hapy
thought. I will object to its use if the guys at the LUG propose it as
an option to our spam problem.


> given the SPEWS listing, though, it looks like you're possibly a spammer
> or spamhaus rather than just an end-user suffering collateral damage.  i
> hope that's not the case.
> > BTW, I'd be very happy if iAdvantage was owned by me... it being a
> > multimillion dollar, publically listed corporation and all. I'm
> > actually kind of flattered that SPEWS thinks I'm running the show
> > there.
> > 
> > We're one of their customers using their bandwidth... they are one of
> > the highest performance bandwidth facilities in HK which is why we use
> > them for our bandwidth.
> whether you like it or not, anyone can block email on their own servers
> using whatever criteria they choose.  you do NOT have a right to have
> your mail accepted.  nobody does.  that choice rests with the recipient
> server.
> you have two choices:
> 1. explain to your ISP why they shouldn't be supporting spammers and get
> them to enforce an anti-spam policy.
> 2. move to an ISP which doesn't support spammers.  if enough people did
> this and told them why, your current ISP might finally acquire a clue
> and change their ways.
> i recommend trying option 1 first and then, if that fails, option 2.
> > iAdvantage provides bandwidth to many hundreds of large corporations
> > in HK... overall i'd say many thousands of websites are hosted there
> > (mostly Chinese probably). So with one fell swoop all these sites can
> > no longer send email properly. Can we say collateral damage to the
> > max?
> so what?  telstra and ozemail (the latter is owned by uunet) here in
> australia host thousands of legitimate businesses, and actually show
> some signs of pursuing an anti-spam policy.  they still get black-listed
> (and rightly so) when they're caught running open relays or refuse to
> terminate a spammer's account.   the truth is that it is ONLY the fact
> that various RBLs will list them that has forced them to have an
> anti-spam policy and actually enforce it.
> unless it affects their bottom-line (i.e. when the costs of supporting
> spam are greater than the profits from supporting spam), they don't care
> and they're not going to do anything about it.
> craig
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> craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
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