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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> I guess debian-isp is not a good forum for a discussion about internals
> of RBL databases. One point, which could be useful for Debian ISPs here
> is that Osirusoft's database uses unfair methods to fight spam
> and blocks whole networks without proper explanation. The decision
> to use that database or not is in the hands of this list's subscribers.

As you said... I am not forcing (nor CAN i force) people to use a
particular RBL. Everyone has the freedom to choose.

But my point is: I am exposing and bringing to light something that I
think and feel is not right, so that other admins can make an informed
decision as to what they want to do.

And I think that with the information that has been revealed... that
Osirusoft is running it's own secret private blacklist... some admins may
decide AGAINST using Osirusoft's RBL, and select another RBL with an open
policy, transparent and clear listing and removal process, and one that
sticks to what it says.

And I also provided an alternative solution to those currently using
Osirusoft's RBL and may want to try a different RBL...there is a big list
of RBLs at http://www.declude.com/JunkMail/Support/ip4r.htm . They all
have comments and information by the author.

I sincerely hope that some admins are taking into consideration the new
information I've provided, and are at least considering testing another
RBL to replace Osirusoft.com

I only said I choose ordb.org because they look professional.... every
open relay and IP that is tested has an evidence file... it clearly shows
that it relays, the time and date that it relayed, and when it is
scheduled for a re-test, so it can be removed if it is fixed. There is no
"secret" adding of netblocks... no "faking" things because all IPs have an
example spam and clear listing/delisting/re-testing date.

I choose Spamcop.net because of the same reason... each IP that is added
to the RBL has an evidence file and example spam. You can actually see
what spam was sent from each IP, so there is no "secretly adding" IPs
because someone doesn't like an ISP or is biased. Also, Spamcop.net is run
by a number of people and the community, and they even have their own
newsgroup at news.spamcop.net, which is a FRIENDLY place to be (go take a
look for yourself). If there is a problem with a listing, you can post a
message, and the many moderators there will take a look and fix things for

There are other lists like the above ones... we just started using
visi.com's RBL, again because they list an IP only when it really sends
spam... and after 60 days it is removed, because it may be fixed already.
IPs can also be removed by the admins if they found their IP listed.

None of the lists we use block large netblocks of IPs... because there is
just too much chance for good people to be blocked within the large
netblock. Have a look... nearly all the problems concerning RBLs are
centered around the ones that block large netblocks, countries, and so on.
Very rarely are the problems focused on the RBLs that are more

Anyway, I always STRONGLY suggest that before you start using an RBL, that
you read up on what policies they have, how open and transparent they are,
and all that. Go to the RBL's webpage, and see the information for
yourself (http://www.declude.com/JunkMail/Support/ip4r.htm has links to
all the RBL's webpages).

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