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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

Craig and Jason,

I'm reading this thread and to be honest, I'm getting really tired
to get the same sentences repeated over and over by both of you.

It seems you just don't read the other's mail, instead just quickly
reply with counter-arguments. Please try to cooperate, or go somewhere
else to discuss this topic.

For me it's obvious that Jason is right about Osirusoft's list
being too restrictive about Asian hosts. Craig, please try to read
the message, which was repeated over and over by Jason: they block
a huge HK netblock, not only open relays.

I think the RBL list is for listing open relays, but they blocked
all hosts within a wide range, which means blocking private hosts,
servers not related to IAdvantage and even non-existing hosts.
http://openrbl.org/ip/202/85/128/1.htm (
The host doesn't even ping, how this can be an open relay?!

I live in Poland. I do get a lot of spam both from Asia and the "West".
I try to fight spam with all methods I find effective, but avoiding
false positives as much as I can. Assuming that all Asian mail is spam
is really unfair.

I guess debian-isp is not a good forum for a discussion about internals
of RBL databases. One point, which could be useful for Debian ISPs here
is that Osirusoft's database uses unfair methods to fight spam
and blocks whole networks without proper explanation. The decision
to use that database or not is in the hands of this list's subscribers.


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