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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> > So... if suppose for people that do not send email to/from Asia,
> > ALL of Asia off wouldn't make the slightest difference to them. So
> > RBLs that block all of Asia may indeed block out a lot of spam because
> > American spammers are abusing the Asian servers/networks.
> >
> > However, for people that do communicate with Asia a lot, aggressive
> > that liberally block Asian ISPs and networks just do not cut it.
> > is one that we will not use because of this.
> >
> >
> > I invite you to see someone else trying to get off an RBL through
> > and see how wonderful the people are at NANAE:
> What do you expect?
> The way to get off the black list is to stop spammers.


Have a look at nice, non-spamming people trying to get off the various
lists there. Nearly all of them get blasted and flamed all to hell.

Have a look at:


(sorry for the long link... i couldn't find a way to make it much

That is someone else (unrelated to us) trying to get off some list. See
the nice, polite post they make, THEN see the backlash of personal
insults, foul language, etc. that they get in return.

> Also it would be good to see a response from you to Jules regarding the
> "Zentek (Jason Lim) is a spam-house, Iadvantage
> tolerates spammers" issue.

Already have responded to it. I'm vocal about Western spammers abusing
Asian networks and servers, and then having Asia blocked for it. Sure,
fight people when they can't even speak English, and then wonder why they
don't respond to english email. Want to persecute me for fighting the good
fight, go right ahead.

Write an email in Chinese, email it to them, and you might get a different
response for a change, instead of forcing people to learn English. More
people speak Chinese anyway.

And you wonder why Chinese admins don't respond. What would YOU do if you
got an email in Yiddish?

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