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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> Large multinational firms get to choose their own policy for spam
> they don't let an ISP tell them what to do.  All you need is a MD of a
> company they do business with being unable to send an email to the MD of
> their company and heads will roll.

> If you want to persue your crusade against spam blocking then finding an
> incidence of it affecting a multinational is a good way to start.

In reality, since the multinational will control all the email servers
that email passes through, they certainly wouldn't use an RBL that blocks
themselves. but I was making the comparison easier for those that do not
have an imagination as to the effects of legit email being blocked could

> > do you think it is more acceptable to lose an email, rather than get a
> > spam message a day?
> If it was 1 legit message vs 1 spam then no.  However given a choice of
> spams vs 1 legit message, then sure I'll let that legit message be
> In reality it's more like 1000 or more spams vs 1 legit message.

Thats only because you don't send email to/from Asia. I personally send
and receive at least 20 emails from Asia per day.

And by using visi.com and ordb.org's RBLs, the spam that goes through is
cut down... certainly not 1000 or more spams to 1 legit. i would say maybe
5-10 spam to 1 legit email for me. And if I use the spamcop RBL... that
gets cut down to about 2-3 spams per 1 legit email. I haven't yet had a
false entry in spamcop cause me to lose a legit email, but if that started
happening I would drop spamcop and find something else.

So... if suppose for people that do not send email to/from Asia, blocking
ALL of Asia off wouldn't make the slightest difference to them. So hence
RBLs that block all of Asia may indeed block out a lot of spam because
American spammers are abusing the Asian servers/networks.

However, for people that do communicate with Asia a lot, aggressive RBLs
that liberally block Asian ISPs and networks just do not cut it. osirusoft
is one that we will not use because of this.

I invite you to see someone else trying to get off an RBL through NANAE...
and see how wonderful the people are at NANAE:


(sorry for the above... couldn't make it shorter).

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