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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002 18:30, Jason Lim wrote:
> Already have responded to it. I'm vocal about Western spammers abusing
> Asian networks and servers, and then having Asia blocked for it. Sure,
> fight people when they can't even speak English, and then wonder why they
> don't respond to english email. Want to persecute me for fighting the good
> fight, go right ahead.

If no-one at the site can speak English then what's the problem with an 
English based spam blocking service blocking the mail?

> Write an email in Chinese, email it to them, and you might get a different
> response for a change, instead of forcing people to learn English. More
> people speak Chinese anyway.

Most people on the net speak English.

Also English is the official language of India, population of India + 
population of USA > population of China.

> And you wonder why Chinese admins don't respond. What would YOU do if you
> got an email in Yiddish?

When I get email in Chinese I just report it to SpamCop, if I've ever 
received a Yiddish email I'm sure I did the same.

Everyone who is doing legitimate things on the Net and who wants to 
communicate with me knows that English is the language to use, and only 
spammers do otherwise.

If due to some miscommunication most of Asia was to black-list me I wouldn't 
be overly concerned.  If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even notice such a 

I do not get viruses because I do not use MS software.
If you use Outlook then please do not put my email address in your
address-book so that WHEN you get a virus it won't use my address in the
>From field.

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