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Re: Journaling FS for Production Systems

Hello Paul 

On 6 Nov 2001, at 15:19, Paul Fleischer wrote:

> I would either go with ext3 (which even is ext2 compatible AFAIK) or
> XFS. They really seem to be the most stable. Reiser is not bad, but I
> have had some terrible experiences with it - however, I do still use it,
> it is nice, but IMHO not suited for production systems yet (allthough I
> beleive that many people do actually use it in production).

This comment seems to be typical of the responses I have had so 
far.  Based on this feedback, I think, we will stick to ext2 on the 
customer boxes for the moment and probably also kernel 2.2, but 
we will start migrating onto woody.

However I will setup a journaling Maildir box in our office and see 
how it goes.  (Production yes, but still under close supervision).

But I have two followup questions:

-   Does ext3 have any performance bennefit over ext2 when handling
    large Maildir directories?

-   It seems, that at this point in time,  xfs is more stable than
    reiserfs.  However I am not sure if that is because fewer people
    have tried it, and hence fewer people have experienced problems. 
    Are there many xfs users our there?  Is the development active? 
    If not is it because the xfs is stable, or has the xfs initiative
    lost momentum? 



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