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Re: RAID & Hard disk performance

Well, my experience instead is that scsi is rock solid compared to ide as long as you choose drives with same rotational speed etc. If you get those high rpm drives you have to be very careful with cooling. I try always to get 7200rpm drives and also stay away from certain brands, and then I havent seen one failure this year. Biggest problem I see with ide is the way drives can behave so differently and that you need all your pci slots to run a decent raid5 system, if not going for one of the very rare 5+ channel hardware raid controllers. Which are just as expensive as scsi controllers and have really no good linux support that I have found. If you want anything above 6-7 disks in a raid system you really dont have any alternative than scsi, no matter if you want to run software or hardware raid.

For workstations though I would go with IDE, not many people load their computers to the degree they would note the difference.

So for drive failings, I would say that they much more correlate to certain drive models and/or manufacturers than ide/scsi. Personally I try and stay as far away as possible from Maxtor and Seagate, but thats me. (I used to work way back as a pc tech, and I dont think I have ever seen so many dead on arrival drives as from seagate, maxtors usually worked at first and then started dying one by one)

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