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Re: Journaling FS for Production Systems

Paul Fleischer dijo:
> Hard to say, however, I have had some serious crashes with reiserfs. 

So have I.

> At one point it blew my partition into pieces, at a reinstall was
> needed (reiserfs from kernel 2.4.8). 

Reiserfs used to be stable enough and performance overhead was not
really noticeable (I'd reccomend 2.4.7 and 2.4.9. Never 2.4.5).  

I had the great idea (tm) of rebooting with a previous kernel version, 
and the journal was lost, mangled or whatever. So was my data. MP3s
became HTMLs and so on. There were files I couldn't ls or delete, even
as root, but I could move them around. Weird.

Reinstall and back to ext2. No big deal, I find it stable enough ;-) and
don't trust journaling anymore ;-) This is my little trauma.

Please share positive journaling experiences so that I can overcome it

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