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Re: RAID & Hard disk performance

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 20:46, Jesse Molina wrote:
> That is kind of funny, in my experience I have found that SCSI drives have
> a much higher death rate than IDE drives, by far.

I had a similar experience years ago.  I was working for a company where the 
owner was greatly impressed by SCSI.  I had to install a number of 
workstations with SCSI hard drives, they were typical Taiwanese-clone type 
PCs with SCSI hard drives installed.  SCSI hard drives typically have higher 
rotational speeds (and therefore more heat output) than the IDE drives that 
the cases are designed for.  So the drives overheated and failed.  After that 
IDE drives were purchased and everything was fine.

Maybe your experience was similarly related to heat, maybe it was something 

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