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Re: Importing all DDTP PO files in Pootle....


> The Malay translator, for instance, should be committing files for D-I
> through Pootle.

I still have problem committing the changes through Pootle where when
I tried it, I was given the following error:


[SVN] Error running SVN command '['svn', '-q', '--non-interactive',
'commit', '-m', u'Commit from Debian/Pootle l10n server by user
nbliang. 329 of 545 messages translated (67 fuzzy).',
u'/var/lib/pootle/di/level1/sublevel1/ms.po']': svn: Commit failed
(details follow): svn: Aborting commit:
'/var/lib/pootle/di/level1/sublevel1/ms.po' remains in conflict


Can I commit the un-finish (not 100% translated) work? Or do I miss
out something?


Nicholas Ng

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