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Re: setting goals for a team, or how to prioritize translations

Quoting Eddy Petri?or (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> 1) Why is level 3 missing? Does it have to do with the weird handling of win32-loader?

Many things are missing. The only available parts of D-I levels that
are there are those for which I got commit access for the
"pootle-guest" user by the maintainers.

I asked such commit access in several projects but got no nswer as of now.

As written, this is work in progress. I just began talking about it
because we certainly need more input from translators and translation teams.

> 2) Do those trnaslations end up un D-I without any checks? I, as a 
> language team coordinator, can't I have a look over the translation 
> before the commit? Can I filter anything?

Only the nominated coordinator for a given project is, by default,
granted commit access. You have this for D-I and Romanian as "eddyp"
user in Pootle.

That coordinator also has the power to "administer" the
project/language. So, for instance, you can change rights for "Debian
Installer/Romanian" and give commit rights to others

Pootle has many rights which you can combine:
- View
- Suggest
- translate
- overwrite
- examnie
- archive
- compile PO files
- assign
- administer
- commit

By default, on a give project/language combination, the guest user can
only view. Registered users can "view, suggest, examine, compile PO".
Additionnal rights can be granted to users by the project/language
admin....or, of course, by the main Pootle server admin.

> 3) How do I add more resources?

If you mean more projects, you can't. That's something I can do. This
has to be done interactively on churro

> 4) Can I add a git repo, or is there only svn support?

git is supported. For instanced tasksel in level 2 is hokked to the
git repository.

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