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Re: setting goals for a team, or how to prioritize translations

Quoting Eddy Petri?or (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> OTOH, I was thinking (strictly for the debian-l10n-romanian team) to have 
> some kind of repo that would contain all the initiated translations for a 
> language. The team coordinator would be responsible to add new files to 
> the repo according to criteria that is relevant for that team's  
> goals[1]. All what the translators would have to worry about would be to 
> keep all the translations in the team repo at 100% and the goal is 
> already set.

Well, there are such ideas floating around i18n.debian.net and Pootle,

The basic one would be to commit all material from unstable (the one
you can currently access from the debconf stats pages) to a VCS and
have Pootle point this SVN as a project.

Then, using the goals assignment and such stuff in Pootle, team coords
could prioritize the teams work.

Doing so would not require people to use Pootle as they could
perfectly work on a VCS checkout instea of working through Pootle.

Doing the early bricks of this shouldn't be hard: the scripts
gathering the material are there on churro. They could be modifid to
commit in a VCS (and that, by triaging the packages in whatrever way
we would prefer) and the, we could add some more magic over this
(incl. Pootle but not only it).

Mor eor less planning to work on this at debconf with faw and
nekral. We could coordinate that on #debian-i18n for people who will
not attend Debconf.

We're also planning to work on that at the Extremadura meeting (I
don't think we'll make it in Septembre: that's not convenient for me
as too close to Debconf....better in November or so if that's doable
with Extremadura people).

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