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Re: setting goals for a team, or how to prioritize translations

Quoting MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop):

> What are the requirements for i18n.debian.net access?  Simple HTTPS
> authentication?  Or Cookies?  Javascripts?  More?  This doesn't seem
> to be on the site.

As far as I know, Pootle uses cookies for authentication. One of the
authors is subscribed to debian-i18n and the package maintainer is, as
well. Both may complete my statements.

> And why is the l10n server called i18n.debian.net?
>                ^^^^               ^^^^

Because i18n.debian.net hosts a lot more services than just the
localization server (namely Pootle).

There is some work being done to use a DNS alias for the Pootle
server, such as pootle.debian.net. l10n.debian.net is also an
interesting suggestion, of course.

Please note that this service is probably not yet ready for wide use
and announcement. It is certainly ready for deeper tests by volunteer
teams and/or coordinators, still.

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