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Re: setting goals for a team, or how to prioritize translations

Quoting Helge Kreutzmann (debian@helgefjell.de):

> Maybe a "Release-wish" in Lenny+1, which could be upgraded to a
> release goal in Lenny+2? (More seriously, probably a "man pages should
> use an automated means to manage their translations, preferably using
> po4a" or similar for policy)

That's realistic only for Debian native packages. I don't think we can
enforce that on every upstream. And, anyway, it has always been my
feeling that upstream translation is not part of Debian l10n work.

About Pootle, I am closer and closer to open it mor eor less
officially for Debian Installer translations.

Helge, you can go to i18n.debian.net:8080 and create yourself an
account there. Then I can give you admin (and commit) rights for
German D-I which will allow you to update files directly from the
Pootle server to the repositories. That will give you an idea of
what's possible with the Pootle server.


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