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Re: getting translated description of packages through apt

Gerfried Fuchs pisze:
> 	Hi!
>  Again, please refrain from copying people offlist if they don't
> explicitly ask for it or if you have strong believe that they aren't on
> the list ...
>  Strange, I see it now. Though, this was exactly what Jens told me back
> then that it doesn't work and that the descriptions get locked and are
> not available for translation anymore - and usually I believe people on
> what they claim, especially when they say it with their translation
> coordinator's hat on.
>  Still, there's no chance at all to send hints to those that make
> obvious mistakes to help them improve because no login nor
> authentication system is used at all. :/
>  So long,
> Rhonda

Your (German translators) discussion is a little bit tiring, but I agree with
Gerfried. No authentication system gives no responsibility. It produses a poor
quality of translations. Recently I saw the (Polish) transalation like:

<trans> (no title)

Translated paragraph.

Wojciech Zareba

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