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Re: getting translated description of packages through apt


 Thanks for Cc, but I do read the lists I post to unless otherwise
stated. :)

Am Donnerstag, den 25.10.2007, 17:37 +0200 schrieb Martijn van
> On 10/25/07, Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> wrote:
> >  When one gets told that the translations get locked for the good and
> > the bad and further questions on how to do so go unresponded, how would
> > you do that?
> I'm not sure what you mean by locked and I don't know where you asked
> but the procedure is simple:
> 1. Goto http://kleptog.org/cgi-bin/ddtss2-cgi/de
> 2. Select the package you want, or type the name of the one you want to fix

 Doesn't work, "no longer available for review", "Package
translation ... gone". That's what I meant. You can't edit translations
your systems sees as done.

> 3. Get two of your friends to check it

 Exactly. Noone needs to have any history with translating, and noone
commiting stuff through that interface can be sent any message about
what they might have done wrong, to improve their further contributions.

> >  And claiming that this would be the only way is just plainly wrong.
> > There is e.g. no way to contact the person who did submit or proofread
> > and miss severe problem to make them aware of the issue so they can
> > avoid them in the future - which is a *far* better approach to the
> > problem at hand.
> Well, I'm always open to suggestions or improvements, but I can't
> write it all myself. At some point someone was going to get me an
> account on i18n.d.o so more people could see the source to the DDTSS
> but it hasn't mappened.

 So you think leaving it open to people with no history in translation
to work on these things is a good approach because you can't write it
all yourself? Sorry, but that's a pretty blindfold and naive approach
and is more hurting that it does good...

 So long,

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