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Re: getting translated description of packages through apt

Quoting Wojciech Zareba (wojtekz@comp.waw.pl):

> Your (German translators) discussion is a little bit tiring, but I agree with
> Gerfried. No authentication system gives no responsibility. It produses a poor
> quality of translations. Recently I saw the (Polish) transalation like:
> <trans> (no title)
> <trans>
> .
> Translated paragraph.
> .
> <trans>

Was such partial translation actually *displayed* while you were
browsing packages.debian.org (or the package database...) or are you
sying that, while working on Polish translations through the DDTP or
DDTSS, you found this?

It is indeed very common to find partially translated descriptions in
the DDTP because it (DDTP) makes some matching between identical
paragraphs among different packages.

That allows such paragraphs to be translated consistently among

So, well, I wouldn't call this a bug.

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