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Re: getting translated description of packages through apt


Am Dienstag, den 23.10.2007, 14:00 -0200 schrieb Felipe Augusto van de
Wiel (faw):
> 	The support is added to apt since 2006 and should show
> up in libapt-pkg-dev, IIRC aptitude and synaptic got package
> descriptions translated without needing anything special from
> their maintainers.

 There though is neither a documentation in apt on how to define which
package translations to download nor a documentation how to _disable_
downloading package descriptions. Given the no-quality-but-quantity
approach and the non-working proofreading of the DDTP and translations
getting locked afterwards with no informations on how to fix severe bugs
that got through this "great" proof reading phase (of course, everything
anonymous, quite possible that some people push their translations in
through that) it is just a pain for very many people in the german area.

 Where the apt localization itself is pretty nice, and one was able to
convince people to give the German localization a try, the non-existing
quality in the package descriptions are completely working against that
and people start turning off any German localization at all again.

 So, is there a documentation somewhere available (appart from UTSL) how
to disable getting translated package descriptions? Mails about the
problem to the team got unresponded so I don't really see any other
approach to the issue, sorry. :/

 So long,

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