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No translated packages descriptions in etch (was: Re: Would an ABI change of apt for DDTP support still be accepted?)

> > Is the code already uploaded to experimental? If so, for how long?
> Yes, it's. The first upload to experimental that I can locate is:
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/a/apt/news/20051023T113205Z.html
> > The problem with "only a few packages" is - almost every change "only
> > affects a few packages", but if we cannot reduce the number of changes,
> > there is no way to release.
> I'm sad to agree with you but it's true :(

I also agree and will personnally not insist on the modified APT to
enter unstable. We (i18n people) failed on that matter, which is
infortunate for our users but we will certainly not blame the release
team for the wisdom they've already proven many times.

Michael, I really suggest that APT in experimental is now focused on
being "current APT plus things we really want to see in etch+1" and,
this, ASAP. Thus, the first action after etch release will be to
upload the experimental version to unstable.

I18n folks, we *must* do our best to get the "translated packages
descriptions support" goal listed as an official etch+1 release
goal. So, please wait for the call for release goals....and react when
it'll be published.

Until this.....just do like everybody in the project: work on that
damn release.

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