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Re: Would an ABI change of apt for DDTP support still be accepted?

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Hey! :-)

On 09/28/2006 04:13 AM, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org) [060928 08:47]:
>>I would like to ask you to review again your position. This code is
>>around since 3 years ago and in use on Ubuntu too. Are too few
>>packages that will need recompile.
> How does it come that the code isn't promoted at the beginning of a
> release cycle, but at a time where the base freeze has happened?

	The upload of apt with support to translated package
description is recent, but the code is old. What happens is
that during i18n Extremadura (Sept. 7th-10th) we discusses
that having apt in "etch" should be a good idea to have it
supported and tested for etch+1, but I remember that our
discussions in Extremadura always consider the Release Team
opinion on the matter.

	After DebConf, Christian requested to have support for
translated packages descriptions as a "pet release goal", some
time later the experimental upload took place, the DDTS was
revived, a web interface was created and we thought that asking
Release Team for apt transition is the right thing to do.

	It is sad that we don't have time to include apt in
etch? Yes, it is. But the i18n/l10n teams will understand the
reasons. If the transition is not suitable, ok, we will work
hard to get it just after etch release, and to support other
ideas for i18n in Debian. :-)

	I don't think we need to "fight" in that matter, as I
said, it is OK to not have apt with translations in etch (it's
sad but it's OK, nobody will get hurt and no SuperCows will
die). And I do think it's possible to workaround it, at least
for CDDs using backports.org or something in that matter.

	We are late at the release cycle, if it is still possible,
I'm sure that everybody involved in i18n will do their best to
help release team with regards to the apt. If Release Team thinks
we should wait etch+1, so let's work hard to have etch on December
and we can have apt supporting translations for package descriptions
in unstable by the end of the year. ;)

> Cheers,
> Andi

	Kind regards,

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