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A few typos in debian-installer (Was: Re: [D-I] Variable subsitution (level2))


attached you will find a few typo corrections for the following d-i

M      packages/po/mg.po
M      packages/po/eo.po
M      packages/po/bs.po
M      packages/po/pt_BR.po
M      packages/po/mk.po
M      packages/po/es.po
M      packages/po/eu.po
M      packages/po/is.po
M      packages/po/cy.po
M      packages/po/vi.po
M      packages/po/ku.po
M      packages/po/sq.po
M      packages/po/wo.po
M      packages/po/ru.po
M      packages/po/id.po
M      packages/po/nb.po
M      packages/po/ar.po
M      packages/po/gl.po
M      packages/po/fr.po
M      packages/po/et.po
M      packages/po/hr.po
M      packages/po/nl.po
M      packages/po/nn.po
M      packages/po/sl.po
M      packages/po/tl.po
M      packages/po/lt.po
M      packages/po/lv.po
M      packages/po/da.po
M      packages/po/fa.po
M      packages/po/pa_IN.po
M      packages/po/bg.po
M      packages/po/ja.po
M      packages/po/zh_TW.po
M      packages/po/he.po
M      packages/po/fi.po

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 11:15:01PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Saturday 24 September 2005 15:47, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > > In general IMO the policy should be: do not mess with the
> > > translations of others unless you get their explicit approval first.
> >
> > Fortunately this isn't the policy, at least for the web and DDP team.
> > It was always asked for fixing minor bugs accros all languages, since
> > these would exist forever without this and would require lot of work
> > for many person, where one could fix it in short time.
> Well, only if they are errors in tags or links or, only if the bug is 
> language independent.There do not exist many spellchecking errors that 
> occur "across all languages".


> Also, the same goes here: you are a member of the website team and thus 
> "owner" of the repository. You can fix errors in "your domain".

OK. But Debian-Installer translators are member of the d-i installer
translation team and should have the permission to fix strings also
across all languages if it helps to reduce work.

> > Lets hope that people continue scanning files for common and easy
> > scriptable errors.
> Absolutely. Very much appreciated. But, report errors to the people 
> responsible and, for errors in translations, that is primarily the 
> translator or translation team, not the maintainer of the package.
> Also, try to present patches in a usable form. I mean that you should in 
> general not submit one huge patch that "solves" all possible errors 
> across all languages. Split out patches into:
> - technical fixes (like tags)
> - fixes in language independent content (whitespace, some puntuation)
> these two can be either only for original language or across all languages
> - fixes in the original language
> - fixes in translations (preferably separately for each language)
> This will make it easier for maintainers to commit patches or, if they are 
> unsure, to forward patches to others for review.

I think you will maybe not very happy about the attached patch.
 * Only one patch for all languages
 * Contains all kind of typos I was able to find the last hours.

Since the patch is really small I hope it is OK.
Translators: If you're confused about this single patch file, just
extract the necessary part for your translation and fix it manually.

If the patch is accepted by most of you, I will extent it the next time
and will try to provide it in a more suitable form.

Please reply in a private mail even if you do not accept the changes, so
that I can revert the changes in my SVN repository (and do not bother
you again with this).


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