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Re: [D-I] Variable subsitution (level2)

On Saturday 24 September 2005 15:47, Jens Seidel wrote:
> Why is it allowed for level 1 but not for higher levels?

Because the D-I team is the owner of the repository where level 1 
translations are kept and not for most software in other levels.
That means we can very easily fix these errors _and_ judge the possible 
consequences. It also means that there is less risk of a translator and a 
random person submitting conflicting translations.
Also, we know "our" translators.

> > In general IMO the policy should be: do not mess with the
> > translations of others unless you get their explicit approval first.
> Fortunately this isn't the policy, at least for the web and DDP team.
> It was always asked for fixing minor bugs accros all languages, since
> these would exist forever without this and would require lot of work
> for many person, where one could fix it in short time.

Well, only if they are errors in tags or links or, only if the bug is 
language independent.There do not exist many spellchecking errors that 
occur "across all languages".

Also, the same goes here: you are a member of the website team and thus 
"owner" of the repository. You can fix errors in "your domain".

> Lets hope that people continue scanning files for common and easy
> scriptable errors.

Absolutely. Very much appreciated. But, report errors to the people 
responsible and, for errors in translations, that is primarily the 
translator or translation team, not the maintainer of the package.

Also, try to present patches in a usable form. I mean that you should in 
general not submit one huge patch that "solves" all possible errors 
across all languages. Split out patches into:
- technical fixes (like tags)
- fixes in language independent content (whitespace, some puntuation)
these two can be either only for original language or across all languages
- fixes in the original language
- fixes in translations (preferably separately for each language)

This will make it easier for maintainers to commit patches or, if they are 
unsure, to forward patches to others for review.

> After I was informed that this is not wished (it was not critism, only a
> hint in a reply of one of my messages to the German GNOME team) I
> stopped it and never touched it again. As you may think this typo still
> occurs very often and in many languages.

Correct. Good translation teams will have their own review, spellchecking 
and scanning procedures. They will also have mailing lists and should be 
responsive to reported errors. If they are not, well, that's their 
problem. For users, seeing errors in their language is often a good sign 
that a team needs help and maybe new help will come out of it...


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