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Re: [D-I] Variable subsitution (level2)

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 05:07:11PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 19 September 2005 16:27, zinosat@tiscali.it wrote:
> > Let me know if these are mistakes or if they're ok: since commits
> > for level2 are not as easy to manage as those for level1, it might take
> > some time before I can fix it, or maybe somebody else will have to do
> > it for me.
> I would very strongly suggest to _not_ fix levels other than level 1 
> yourself. Mailing the correct translators, with the name of the package 
> the mistake comes from is IMO a much better option.

Why is it allowed for level 1 but not for higher levels?

> For some packages it would mean getting the po file, fixing it and 
> submitting a patch in the BTS for the corrected translation. This will 
> take a fairly long time and may conflict with work the translator himself 
> is doing.

Indeed, it will take a fairly long time ...
The conflict doesn't matter, since it can easily be fixed in CVS and
the original translater notices the error he made in the past this way.

> In general IMO the policy should be: do not mess with the translations of 
> others unless you get their explicit approval first.

Fortunately this isn't the policy, at least for the web and DDP team.
It was always asked for fixing minor bugs accros all languages, since
these would exist forever without this and would require lot of work for
many person, where one could fix it in short time.

I agree with Frans that the corresponding language team should be
contacted if one is not 100% sure that the patch is right. One should
not introduce new errors (or only a few :-)) when fixing many other

This remembers me that I still have a list of patches against web pages
which fixes doubled full stops (\.<[/a-zA-Z]*>\.) for which I never
got a reply and which is now approximately a half year old. There are
many other patches for other projects with a similar age in my todo
list ...

I also read a mail of Clytie on this list, where he noticed that GNOME
contains often the typo "occured". Immediately after this I started
fixing it (and other typos) accross all languages for a few modules.
After I was informed that this is not wished (it was not critism, only a
hint in a reply of one of my messages to the German GNOME team) I
stopped it and never touched it again. As you may think this typo still
occurs very often and in many languages.
An other guy should care about this, I wont in GNOME ...

Sending mails to translators or maintainers or filling bugs would really
not acceptable, since this effects approx. 40 CVS modules including
10-30 translations for each module. Happy bug reporting, Frans ...

Such ugly behaviour should never become standard in Debian!

Lets hope that people continue scanning files for common and easy
scriptable errors.


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