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Step 5 of N(ew)L(anguage)P(rocess) for Gujarati

> File language_name.UTF-8 is attached with this mail. It is in UTF-8 format.

OK, commited. So step 4 completed.

Step 5:


*this* is a bit mor etechnical and actually I am mor ethe one doing
the work than you..:-)

The proposed localechooser entry is:


Fields are separated by " ;" above...

Field 1: language name in English
Field 2: marker indicating that this language can only be supported
         by the (upcoming) graphical installer
Field 3: as it includes a country code, this indicates that this
         language is only "supported" for one country (IN of course)
         This is because there's only one Gujarati locale actually
Field 4: fallback locale. This is the locael that will be used when
         the user chooses Gujarati as language but another country
         than India as country
Field 5: language code: gu
Field 6: default country. Well, there is only one here..:-)
Field 7: language list meant to go in the LANGUAGE variable. Usual
         way to set alternatives...we here use English as alternative
         which is always the case anyway...

No 8th field as info that goes there is only relevant for support of
the language at the Linux console, which is irrelevant for Indic

Here, your only action is actually bareyl ACK this proposal and just
say that I'm right..:-)

Then we'll proceed to step 6....

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