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Step 1 of N(ew)L(anguage)P(rocess) for Gujarati

> Sure. We will discuss all related issues and translation process here. I am
> also looking for Gujarati contributor for sharing and review my l10n works.

Fine. All this will then happen peferrably in debian-in-workers.

As I explained, we will go through the process here in public, this
time, so that interested readers of debian-i18n may just follow how
this is done now (and maybe suggest enhancements to the process).

So, let's go for step 1:


You actually went in touch with the Debian Installer team as you
mentioned your intent.

So, I will record this in the translators list file, adding your
language to the language list.

For this, I need a real name and a reliable e-mail address. This is
why this mail is CC'ed to you, just to check that I can actually
communicate with you (no spam bot on the way, for instance).

Please check that you get both copies (list and private) and answer by
CC'ing me as well (this time only...later, no more need for CC's to my

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