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Re: Step 2 of N(ew)L(anguage)P(rocess) for Gujarati

On 9/22/05, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

OK, I got Kartik's confirmation that (s)he got my mail (Kartik, sorry
for this but actually I have no real clue whether you're a man or a
woman...and I hate assuming people are men by default, though I
suspect you're one...:-)).

Suspect? I'm man! :-)

So, let's go for step 2:


The language code is already known here: gu for iso-639_2 and "guj"
for the "soon to be" ISO-639-3.


Do you have people who I could list as "backup coordinator" and do you
work with a l10n team which I could also list?

Both informations are not mandatory bu valuable information I can
record at this step of the process.

Yes, I have team at http://www.utkarsh.org and some people are doing l10n from outside too. 

As soon as you'll answer this (even by saying me that there's no
backup coord and/or team), we'll proceed to next step.

Please answer to the list and we'll continue here, as already

Ready for Step 3! 

KartiK Mistry [GNU/Linux Developer]
Phone: 022-2899 0490 (O) / 5685 7396 (R)
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