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Re: D-I progress

Noong Biy, Abr 29, 2005 ng 04:34:29PM +0930, sinabi ni Clytie Siddall:
> On 29/04/2005, at 4:25 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:
> >
> >They are not available in the installer.
> >
> >This means that, until we activate Vietnamese (or Malagasy,
> >Macedonian, Hindi...), the installer will not allow to install in
> >Vietnamese and the final environment will not be localised for
> >Vietnamese out of the box.
> Hmm, that makes me feel I'm working at this from the wrong end, from 
> the point of view of current Vietnamese users. If I were working on 
> daily-use apps., they could use them right away, while my current 
> effort on the installer is not available, and we don't know how long it 
> will continue unavailable. It's rather discouraging. :(


Don't worry about it. When you get to levels 2 to 4 of translation work, your translations for the packages at those levels get into testing/sid even if your language isn't in sarge d-i yet.

I am in the Tagalog (tl) translation team and like Vietnamese, our translation of d-i is already at 100% but we are still in the prospective language list. Like you, we await the integration of Tagalog (tl) in the installer. But even now, we enjoy seeing apt-get and debconf and all the other packages that we have translated displaying Tagalog messages.

In fact, we've basically accomplished all the translation needed for levels 1 to 4 but we patiently wait for the release of the packages to be integrated into post-sarge.

In the meantime, we go on with working on other packages (past level 4) in order that more packages outside of the installer will be ready with Tagalog translations and will be useful to those who understand our language.

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