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Re: Language aggregation in www.d.o/intl/l10n

>> I have just some 3 month(s) in this translation comunity, and i never
>> realy understand wy there is separated efforts in translation from
>> Portugal and Brazil (and in future maybe Angola, Moçambique, Timor,
>> Cabo Verde, etc).
> And this is why I've requested the pt_PT to pt changes. This way, all
> portuguese dialects could use european portuguese (pt) as base, and if
> they want (as BR), they can create their own locale files (like pt_BR
> does), based (or not) in original pt files.
> To minimize the effort, as BR people are more than us, it would be great
> if  they could create themselves those pt locales, either by duplicating
> pt_BR, or by creating only pt and later, when a european pt team wants,
> they could move pt to pt_BR and update pt.
> But this is just an idea of mine, that should be discussed. ;)

OK. Lets discuss it.

> For example, for packages without pt (or pt_PT) .po file, I'm
> automatically copying BR translations (keeping credits), and fuzzi'ing
> them all. This way pt translators will only need to check them and
> replace those different words between our two languages.
>> Its true that there are some things that are diferent in each dialect,
>> but there is the CPLP effort (http://www.cplp.org) and the ortographic
>> agreement  for Portuguese Language, and the language its the same. The
>> free software comunity is also a very cooperating comunity.
>> OTH in software development having severall projects doing the same is
>> a good thing because we have diversity like in nature and if one fails
>> or goes by a wrong way, the other can survive.
> I guess there's a consense that we need two different languages for
> Portugal and Brazil for what I saw in ml, webpages and irc channels.
> But we can (and should) still cooperate.

OK. Wy not try some contacts with CPLP in order to see what they think ?.

> One answer given in irc: do you prefer "ficheiro" or "arquivo" for
> "file" translation ?

Good answer, but still this is an exception. While translating the glibc
and using the pt_BR stuff i saw that the most of the translations are
aceptable to portugueses guys.

In Debian brazilian work i saw some carefull in the translations. The
large majority are very acceptable in Portuguese.

Just like we have the generic agreement wy not have a software terms
agreement. This could be the base and then each one having its own
exceptions (i dont know if the po structure can suport such hierarquy).
Love it or not (i love it) we are a comunity tied by the Camões language.
Lets put the politichal institutions working for us and with us.

Sérgio Ferreira

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