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Re: Language aggregation in www.d.o/intl/l10n

Em Tue, 27 May 2003 10:30:44 +0100 (WEST), <sergio@moredata.pt> escreveu:

> Hi.


> I am Sérgio Ferreira from Portugal.

Nice to meet you =)

> I have just some 3 month(s) in this translation comunity, and i never
> realy understand wy there is separated efforts in translation from
> Portugal and Brazil (and in future maybe Angola, Moçambique, Timor, Cabo
> Verde, etc).

I guess that's because of missing comunication... we've only been in touch
with one developer from Portugal ever, who used to visit #debian-br.
Our dear friend Frederico Muñoz.

> Its true that there are some things that are diferent in each dialect, but
> there is the CPLP effort (http://www.cplp.org) and the ortographic
> agreement  for Portuguese Language, and the language its the same.

Sure. I guess we *can* work together on making it easier for both of
our translation teams to get the work done. I am *very* willing to
make this happen, if we can arrange ways of satisfying our
requirements (I mean pt_*, when I say 'our')

> So my doubt is: Wy have duplicated efforts doing the same thing ?
> Please do not think in my words as an affirmation, i just want to
> understand wy.

Let's try understanding that, and then fix it. We're a bit busy
here on Debian-BR, because almost everyone is going to take part
at the IV Free Software Forum, on Porto Alegre, but you people are
most welcome to bring this discussions up on debian-l10n-portuguese
so we can find ways of fixing that. We are probably going to be
actively participating on the list in two weeks from now.


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