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Re: ssh, /dev/urandom (was: Re: K1 images - final report?)

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 12:42:59PM +0100, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
>    I support the addition of ssh, *even* with a weak random.
> There was never any talk about removing ssh.
>    Now, what's current best practice? We use this:
>       http://kilobug.free.fr/hurd/random-64.tar.gz
>    Is there a better alternative(s)?
> Or you can copy /bin/bash to /dev/urandom, they are just about equally
> secure.

are you sure about that?

I think that it's a stupid flame...Why there are problems to enhace GNU/Hurd?

Sooner or later hurd/random(?) server will be added to the base system...why not now? I think that random64 is allways better than a /bin/bash <-- that allways is the same key -_-UU but if you think that a shit of security is better than a bad security...

Please, don't enlarge this flame. Just think about enhace GNU/Hurd..I think that this project will never advance if we allways say: "Actually there's more important things to do", I think that there is enought people working on GNU/Hurd to make an stable system. But I feel important to work on a lot of front lines will be better.

Sorry if I seems aggresive. I only express my opinion.

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