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K1 images - final report?

The first CD of what should be the final build is about to be tested.

There are now 2380 GNU specific binary packages.  207 such packages have
been excluded, mainly because dependency problems.  However, an
undetermined number of these are duplicates i.e. different versions may be
in apha.gnu.org, in my private collection as well as in the main archive.

hramrach's libdb4.0 packages meant that 125 extra GNU specific binary
packages were brought into the set, and pushed us well into the fifth CD.
Can we get these packages in alpha.gnu.org, or even better, the main

As I am running out of time I am leaving the ssh entropy problem to be
solved by the user, a suitable file at /dev/urandom does the trick.  ssh
is on the first CD, but is not installed with initial.sh

A file-system corrupting bug has emerged.  The work-round I have employed
is to kill the cdrom translator at the end of each installation script.  I
suspect that it has something to do with update, find or whatever thinking
that the mounted cdrom is part of the file system it is expected to check
after packages have been installed.  It is nasty.

Being paranoid I am not trusting parted as it seemed to be involved in the
above corruption.  parted may be innocent but time is running out.
However, it is on the first CD.

The images should be available at the end of the week.


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