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Re: g++ on the hurd?

On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 03:23:22PM -0500, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   anyway, should I upload the gtk packages?  (sorry to keep asking so many
> questions!)  I'm not sure what to do if I have to tweak the source to build
> it, as in this case..
>   (and besides, gtk+ will hopefully be fixed in its next version by the
>    maintainer)

It's the same as for all other cases you asked. If there is a good chance
that it will be fixed soon, and you keep track of it, and submitted the
changes (it's bad if we have bianry packages and nobody knows how they have
been produced!), then I think you can upload without anybody getting angry
with you.

> > Gnomes is big. I build most of the basic gnome libraries and the gnome core
> > itself without a lot of problems. Sorting out the remaining problems and
> > submitting bugs for them (I didn't) is an easy task.
>   Do you have packages/information on this?  Did you use esound, or can
> Gnome be compiled without it? (that was the major issue I encountered..)

esound can be compiled without sound support ;) (I think I tweaked the
configuration so it had some dummy files for the Hurd or so). I can probably
remember it when looking at the source.
>   I believe you that Gnome doesn't work well on the Hurd, but I'd like to have
> the libraries so programs with both Gnome and non-Gnome components can build
> easily.

Yes, that's important.
>   "Jeff" == "Jeff Bailey", right?

Of course.


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