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GHC (Was: Git?)


Am Sonntag, den 05.07.2009, 13:33 +1000 schrieb Erik de Castro Lopo:
> For me, with a crappy Australian internet connection that is a huge
> win, especially if we eventually get GHC (which is big) into the
> same repo.

just a quick side-note: I don’t think its desireable to have the ghc
package itself maintained by the pkg-haskell group. I see the merits of
the group maintenance in reducing the workload of maintaining lots of
very similar, low-effort packages. GHC is the opposite of that: It’s
large, it’s unique, it’s difficult, and thus it needs a proper 

I see pkg-haskell not as a topic-based group, but a method-based group:
We maintain everything that’s cabalized :-)

(Again, this opinion is influenced by the Debian Perl Group
experience :-). The DPG does not maintain perl, but only CPAN libraries,
and that’s one key to success.)


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