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Re: Git?

John Goerzen wrote:

> Seriously, it's not that hard, takes absurdly little space, is built
> into the toolset, and lets you recreate any version in history.

It takes absurdly little space on top of the actually space for the
sources themselves. The way I am doing it in Bzr, as long as you 
don't build the package it just takes < 200 bytes. Even if you do 
build version X once,  it downloads the sources once per machine
and then caches it.

For the way I am doing it in Bzr (easily transferable to any other
VCS, even  CVS), the repo only contain the debian/ dir,  metadata
and helper scripts/makefiles. With this method, anybody can grab
the whole repo, work on only one package in the repo, and never
download sources for any package other than the one they work on.

For me, with a crappy Australian internet connection that is a huge
win, especially if we eventually get GHC (which is big) into the
same repo.
Erik de Castro Lopo

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